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Songs to make

you laugh and

cry .......

Al Neville - STMYLAC square for website.

......not necessarily at the same time

About me
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Who am I?

Hi. I'm Al Neville, writer of songs to make you laugh and cry...not necessarily at the same time. I play solo and in the bands The Spangles Gang, Storm in a Teacup, The Traveling Tilburys  and Déjà Vu. I'm also very much involved with local charity Redbridge Music Lounge.



I love to play solo gigs around the clubs, pubs and elsewhere. I've written a lot of comedy stuff that seems to go down well, but I'm not rooted in that and I like to contrast with more serious songs. I also enjoy playing in homes and day centres and at events, adding pop songs and sing-alongs into the mix. 



The Teacups play a range of music from around the world. We play at shows, barn dances, weddings and other events.



Arising from the Redbridge Music Lounge comes The Traveling Tilburys, in which I'm proud to be playing songs made famous by The TW's either in that band or in their own right. From George Harrison to Roy Orbison in three easy steps; what's not to like?



Tim Heaslip, Steve Moorby, Steve Hackwell and I are  performing as " Déjà Vu" (of course!), doing Crosby Stills & Nash songs. We've been performing since July 2015 and we're around and about, so look out for us.

THE SPANGLES GANG  played its farewell gig on April 12th 2024. That was 16 years of fun but all good things must come to an end.

Go to the MUSIC page to hear some of my music, or better still come along to my live gigs and say hello.

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